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"Who is Wonder Girl? (Part I of V): Home Again": A strange old woman visits the Evans home and begins asking questions relating to Donna Troy. As Donna Troy's step-sister, Cindy informs the old woman that Donna lives i

Quote1 The Titans of Myth are dying -- and only you can save us. Quote2
-- Phoebe

Appearing in "Who is Wonder Girl? (Part I of V): Home Again"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Unidentified aliens

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Synopsis for "Who is Wonder Girl? (Part I of V): Home Again"

A strange old woman visits the Evans home and begins asking questions relating to Donna Troy. As Donna Troy's step-sister, Cindy informs the old woman that Donna lives in New York.

Arriving in Manhattan, the old woman goes to the photo studio where Donna works. The studio staff refuse to give out Donna's personal information, but the old woman touches a Rolodex and automatically gains the information she requires.

Later, the Titans return to Titans Tower in the T-Jet. From inside the Tower, Danny Chase uses his technological wizardry to automatically bring the T-Jet in for a landing. Cyborg and Changeling are enraged at him, and admonish him for his irresponsible actions. After being chewed out, Danny finds a small, silver sphere. The sphere suddenly morphs in shape, and without warning, opens a dimensional rift that enables a group of alien invaders into the tower. Everything erupts into chaos and the aliens fire a near-fatal blast of energy at Donna Troy. Raven sweeps over Donna and envelops her with her soul-self.

As the Titans scramble to fight against the intruders, the old woman mysteriously appears inside of Titans Tower. She uses her power to banish the aliens, and the woman appears to be much younger than she previously looked. The Titans naturally suspect that she is the architect of the attack, but the woman is only concerned about finding Donna Troy. They continue to barrage the woman with questions, until Raven re-appears. She uses her power to heal Donna's injuries. The woman approaches Donna and engages in a mind-link with her. She indicates that everything Donna believed to be true about her life was actually a carefully constructed fabrication. The woman expends a great deal of power to lift the haze of false memories from Donna's mind. The feat proves taxing and she reverts to the form of an old crone. When Donna presses her to identify herself, she reveals that she is Phoebe, Goddess of the Moon, and that the original Titans of Myth are dying unless Donna can save them.



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