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"Who Is Wonder Girl? (Part II of V) - Secrets Behind the Cosmos!": The Titan goddess Phoebe appears inside Titans Tower, but she is weak and dying. Jericho enters her body and provides with just enough strength so that she c

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Appearing in "Who Is Wonder Girl? (Part II of V) - Secrets Behind the Cosmos!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Argos
  • Athyns
  • Corinthia
  • Idalium



Synopsis for "Who Is Wonder Girl? (Part II of V) - Secrets Behind the Cosmos!"

The Titan goddess Phoebe appears inside Titans Tower, but she is weak and dying. Jericho enters her body and provides with just enough strength so that she can tell her story to Donna Troy.

Phoebe tells the tale of the original Titans and how they gave birth to the Olympian pantheon. War broke out between the parents and their children, and ultimately the younger gods won. The Titans were exiled into outer space and forced to settle on a fragmented moon they called New Chronus. The moon orbited a primitive world known as Synriannaq, and the Titans forced the native populace to worship them. One of the Titans, the goddess Rhea, being the only one of her kind without a mate, sired a child with one of the Synriannaqians. This led to the evolution of a new race of demigods. As millennia passed, Rhea decided to gather together abandoned children from various worlds and bring them to New Chronus where they would be taught the ways of the gods. When the children came of age, they were returned to their native worlds, where they were to live as normal people. Rhea wiped their minds of the time they spent on New Chronus.

As Phoebe continues her tale, Donna Troy comes to realize that she is one of the God "seeds" and that everything she knew of her past was a lie. Phoebe continues to state that one of the seeds, Sparta of Synriannaq, has gone mad and is attempting to kill her "siblings" and steal their power. Without the existence of these god seeds, the Titans will lose power and die. Donna is their only hope. Concluding her tale, Phoebe passes away.

The Titans decide to use Phoebe's travelsphere to locate the remaining seeds. The travelsphere instantly teleports the team to an arid, desert wasteland with an acidic atmosphere. Donna finds a native named Xanthi who, like her, was raised by the Titans. Xanthi agrees to accompany them, but as they travel across the stars, a new threat befalls the team.


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