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New Titans Vol 1 91


New Titans Vol 1 91

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"Growing Pains": Lord Chaos takes his infant self in his hands and transports Donna Troy and he to the moon. Realizing that he no longer requires his mother’s presence, he unleashes his full power against her, seemingly destr

Quote1 There are forces and emotions running loud and wild. She surrounds us... envelops us. Troy! Troy is everywhere! Quote2
-- Phantasm

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Synopsis for "Growing Pains"

Lord Chaos takes his infant self in his hands and transports Donna Troy and he to the moon. Realizing that he no longer requires his mother’s presence, he unleashes his full power against her, seemingly destroying her. The light produced from Chaos' attack can even be seen back on Earth.

In an alleyway in New York, a dimensional portal opens and out steps a mysterious, dark-clad stranger. Analyzing his surroundings, he sets out to "find the others".

At Steve Dayton's penthouse, Phantasm appears and tells the Titans and the Team Titans that he senses a great emotional surge of energy that is directly linked to Donna Troy. He flies away from the group to study the phenomena further.

A tense mood hangs in the air, and neither the Titans nor the Team Titans are ready to trust one another. The intensity increases by the fact that Mirage used her abilities to masquerade as Starfire and seduce Nightwing. Adding to the bizarre situation, the Titans notice that Baby Wildebeest is growing at an extremely rapid pace. He is already a foot taller than he was the previous afternoon. The heroes continue to bicker with one another until finally they come to blows once again. During the fight, Pantha is injured, and this prompts Baby Wildebeest’s growth spurt even more. Baby grows into a giant, adult-sized version of his previous form. However, he still possesses the mental capacity of an infant. Wildebeest begins rampaging through the apartment to avenge the harm that has befallen his "mama".

Moments later, Phantasm returns, announcing that he has located Donna Troy. Cryptically, he begins shouting "Troy is everywhere!" As if on cue, Donna Troy does in fact return to Earth. Standing more than fifty-feet tall, she is clad in golden armor and angrily declares herself the greatest of all the Titan-Gods.



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