Nia was a government ward who gotten her power from the geneticist Anathema treatment which turn her into a 'Empowered', and she then became part of Antathema's forces, always hearing Anathema's voice in her mind. When she learned that her friend Cohvan had been taken to Haven for broadcasting anti-Anathema propaganda she left for Haven to find him.

As Haven moved away from the planet Nia could no longer feel the hivemind that was force onto her by Anathema and over the following weeks she and Cohvan grew closer and eventually the were married. Their happiness however was cut short when Cohvan died during the crash-landing on Earth (Which subsequently destroyed the town of Lamont, California.) Her bravery and courage in helping out following the crash made Valadin offer her a part in the Alliance of Heaven and she gladly joined.


She has the power of super strength, endurance and flight due to Anathema treatment.