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Wu Mei-Xing was a theoretical physicist obsessed with discovering the Higgs Boson, the so-called "God particle." She succeed in her quest, but a breach in a particle accelerator exposed her to the boson's weird energies. Following the accident, Wu had a one-night stand that revealed that her power to easily become pregnant and give birth to legions of short-lived superhuman soldiers. The Chinese government promptly drafted her into service, naming her the Mother of Champions.


Super-Fecundity: Mother of Champions is able to conceive and gestate children at superhuman speeds, and can give birth up to twenty-five identical super-soldiers in three days. These children are short-lived, however, and they only live for a week aging up ten years within 24 hours. She was once kidnapped by Talia al Ghul to have her produce her own super-soldiers, and was giving birth non-stop while being subdued in a birthing tank.

Radiation Immunity: She is immune to all known radiation, from radiation poison to ionizing radiation.

Self-Subsistence: While she does need to breathe like everyone else, the Mother of Champions no longer has the need to eat.


Theoretical Physicist

  • Mother of Champions' identity is known to the Chinese government.


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