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in: Joe Orlando/Executive Editor, Gene Colan/Cover Artist, Dick Giordano/Cover Artist Marv Wolfman/Writer, Gene Colan/Penciler, Bob Smith/Inker, Michele Wolfman/Colourist, John Costanza/Letterer, Marv Wolfman/Editor, Ross Andru/Editor, Baron Winters (New Earth)/Quotes, Baron Winters (New Earth)/Appearances, Night Force (New Earth)/Appearances, Jack Gold (New Earth)/Appearances, Donovan Caine (New Earth)/Appearances, Merlin the Leopard (New Earth)/Appearances, Vanessa van Helsing (New Earth)/Appearances, Virginia/Appearances, Arlington/Appearances, Georgetown/Appearances, Georgetown College/Appearances, Potomac Psychiatric Hospital/Appearances, Wintersgate Manor/Appearances, France/Appearances, Paris, France/Appearances, Eiffel Tower/Appearances, Comics, 1982, 1982, August, May 19, 1982 (Publication), 1982, May (Publication), Night Force Vol 1, Copper-Age, Synopsis Written

Night Force Vol 1 1


Night Force Vol 1 1

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"The Summoning (Part I) - Genesis": At the Potomac Psychiatric Hospital, patient Vanessa van Helsing sees visions of demonic forces, beckoning her.

Quote1 My players are in place. I've pulled all the correct strings. And now, the rest is up to fate. Quote2
-- Baron Winters

Appearing in "The Summoning (Part I) - Genesis"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Unidentified conspirators

Other Characters:

  • Adam Gold (Behind the scenes)
  • Annie Gold (Behind the scenes)
  • Betty Gold (Behind the scenes)
  • Carl (Single appearance)
  • Doctor Rabin
  • Kerry James (First appearance)
  • Marianne
  • Mary McDonald
  • Trevor Simmons (First appearance)




Synopsis for "The Summoning (Part I) - Genesis"

At the Potomac Psychiatric Hospital, patient Vanessa van Helsing sees visions of demonic forces, beckoning her.

Baron Winters meets again with Jack Gold and tells him about Vanessa. He wants to bring Vanessa into his fold.

At Georgetown College, Professor Donovan Caine continues his experiments in parapsychology. He soon discovers that his experiments are taking place at the same moment that Vanessa van Helsing is experiencing her paranormal visitations. Caine later meets with Baron Winters who arranges to have Vanessa released into his care.

Meanwhile, strange supernatural occurrences begin taking place all throughout Georgetown.


  • Issue includes an editorial by Marv Wolfman entitled, "Night Forces".


  • No trivia.

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