Nightfist was a crime-fighting superhero who attacked drug dealers and other Gotham City criminals. But unlike Batman, Nightfist pocketed the drugs that were being sold and sold them himself. This drew the ire of Nicky Lincoln, a GCPD officer who was taking a cut of drugs seized as evidence before Nightfist started shaking down drug dealers. Lincoln sent Tommy Monaghan after Nightfist to put a stop to his activity. Tommy and his friend Natt the Hat posed as a mugger and his victim until Nightfist showed up. The two opened fire on Nightfist, apparently killing him. Nightfist's armor saved him, though he was almost killed once again when Johnny Navarone entered the scene and Natt the Hat set off a grenade to escape with Tommy. Nightfist later found out how Nicky Lincoln had set him up, and he declared vengeance on Lincoln, Tommy Monaghan, Johnny Navarone, and Moe Dubelz, who had hired Navarone. Nightfist ambushed the Dubelz crime family, but unfortunately he did so in the middle of a gunfight between Tommy, Natt, and scores of Dubelz thugs. All opened fire on him, killing him.




Athleticism and above average hand-to-hand fighting




Bullet-proof armor


Two metal fists that extend from his forearms