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Nightwing Vol 1 2


Nightwing Vol 1 2

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"The Renewal": Just after leaving a coffee shop, Dick Grayson is approached by Goode Ole Bernie who was hired by Prince Balsik of Kravia to assassinate him. But Bernie has to delay his killing plans

Quote1 I guess I retired Nightwing too soon. Quote2
-- Dick Grayson

Appearing in "The Renewal"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Harold Allnut
  • Heinmel Von Cart (First appearance)
  • Miggie Webster
  • Mrs. Webster
  • William Webster




Synopsis for "The Renewal"

Just after leaving a coffee shop, Dick Grayson is approached by Goode Ole Bernie who was hired by Prince Balsik of Kravia to assassinate him. But Bernie has to delay his killing plans as Miggie Webster comes back to Dick. She desperately seems to seek his company and Dick agrees at least to escort her to her house. But Dick is in a hurry, so he only talks shortly to Miggie's parents before leaving again.

As Dick returns to his apartment, he immediately recognizes somebody is waiting inside and he is able to counter an ambush by Goode Ole Bernie. They fight, but obviously Bernie did not expect Dick to be such a tough opponent. Therefore, Bernie decides to flee through a window and uses his motorcycle to escape the scene. Dick finds the cell phone which his opponent lost during the fight. He presses the redial button and shockingly finds out that the last number the assassin called belonged to the State House of the Duchy of Kravia.

To get more information about the small country Dick visits the Batcave and contacts Oracle. She tells Dick that Kravia is ruled by Prince Balsik who according to some rumors is planning an ethnic cleansing. Oracle also advises Dick to search for Heinmel von Cart who is Kravia's long-time Prime Minister and who might be able to answer some questions regarding the death of Dick's parents. Dick decides to travel into Kravia incognito and Alfred is happy to provide him with a new and improved Nightwing costume which was designed by Harold.

Later that night Nightwing hires a private airplane which brings him to Kravia. He wanted to enter the country undetected using a parachute, but his arrival coincides with the start of the ethnic cleansing and, thus, he is spotted early by Kravia's soldiers. And if that is not enough, he also receives an incoming call from Miggie Webster who seems to be in a lot of trouble ...



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