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Nightwing Vol 2 23


Nightwing Vol 2 23

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"Brotherhood of the Fist, Part Four: Paper Revelations": The death of dozens of members of the Monkey Cult is being investigated by the Gotham City Police. Nightwing, Robin and Green Arrow observe the

Appearing in "Brotherhood of the Fist, Part Four: Paper Revelations"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Big Zinh (Single appearance)
  • Zehng (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Brotherhood of the Fist, Part Four: Paper Revelations"

The death of dozens of members of the Monkey Cult is being investigated by the Gotham City Police. Nightwing, Robin and Green Arrow observe the crime scene and hear that the brotherhood members were killed by someone using his bare hands. As the heroes think about potential suspects they are confronted by the Bamboo Monkey. Nightwing surprisingly gets struck down by the Bamboo Monkey, but the Green Arrow takes over and defeats his opponent very efficiently. Quickly after that they move on to Oracle who is worried because she lost contact to one of her operatives some time ago.

Meanwhile, Batman meets with Commissioner Gordon and tells him that he and his partners will take care of the Monkey Cult and the mysterious killer.

Somewhere in Asia, Black Canary and Bronze Tiger are approaching the temple of the Brotherhood of the Fist. But they are being watched closely and it does not take long until they are overwhelmed and imprisoned by Deathstroke and the Cult. But help is coming their way - it is Eddie Fyers.

Batman, Nightwing, Robin and Green Arrow continue their search for the Monkey Cult and the killer. They finally discover them in the crumbled Davenport Center where the female Paper Monkey is again busy killing members of her own brotherhood. And when she takes off her mask it is revealed she is no other than Lady Shiva ...



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Brotherhood of the Fist
Part 1: Green Arrow #134 Part 2: Detective Comics #723 Part 3: Robin #55 Part 4: Nightwing #23 Part 5: Green Arrow #135

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