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in: Greg Land/Cover Artist, Chuck Dixon/Writer, Greg Land/Penciler José Marzan, Jr./Inker, Patricia Mulvihill/Colourist, John Costanza/Letterer, Joseph Illidge/Editor, Bob Schreck/Editor, Richard Grayson (New Earth)/Appearances, Alfred Pennyworth (New Earth)/Appearances, Birds of Prey (New Earth)/Appearances, Dinah Laurel Lance (New Earth)/Appearances, Barbara Gordon (New Earth)/Appearances, Timothy Drake (New Earth)/Appearances, Roland Desmond (New Earth)/Appearances, Guillermo Barrera (New Earth)/Appearances, Giz (New Earth)/Appearances, Grimm (New Earth)/Appearances, Elaine Marsh-Morton (New Earth)/Appearances, Pamela Sweigeld (New Earth)/Appearances, Thaddeus Ryerstad (New Earth)/Appearances, Randy Hanrahan (New Earth)/Appearances, Thrilldevil (New Earth)/Appearances, Goober the Squirrel (New Earth)/Appearances, Bludhaven/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, Nightwing: The Hunt for Oracle, Comics, 2000, 2000, August, 2000, June (Publication), Nightwing Vol 2, Modern-Age, Executive Editor Credit Needed, Synopsis Written

Nightwing Vol 2 46


Nightwing Vol 2 46

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"The Hunt for Oracle, Part Three: The Dying Hours": Nightwing is furious after Nite-Wing just told him that he killed Cisco Blaine. Tad had no clue that Blockbuster's r

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Synopsis for "The Hunt for Oracle, Part Three: The Dying Hours"

Nightwing is furious after Nite-Wing just told him that he killed Cisco Blaine. Tad had no clue that Blockbuster's right hand actually was a federal agent working undercover. As Nightwing tries to explain to Tad that he is not supposed to kill anybody, they are suddenly attacked by Grimm the Gorilla. Dick electrocutes him with his suit taser, but even that only knock the big gorilla out for a few seconds. Thankfully, Robin and Alfred Pennyworth arrive just in time and it is Alfred who takes down Grim with some rubber bullets. The three men want to get to Oracle now, but Alfred's van is already being followed by another one of Blockbuster's newest mercenaries: Thrilldevil!

Meanwhile in Blockbuster's private jet, Black Canary is able to free herself. She overwhelms Brutale and jumps out of the plane with a parachute. But Lady Vic is crazy enough to jump after her without having a parachute herself. Lady Vic grabs Black Canary, but Dinah knocks Lady Vic unconcious and both glide to the ground safely after the parachute opened. Then Dinah rents a sports car and contacts Oracle while making her way to Gotham City. But it may be too late, because Mouse and Giz, the two computer specialists hired by Blockbuster, have finally tracked down Oracle in an abandoned submarine ...



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