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in: Greg Land/Cover Artist, Chuck Dixon/Writer, Greg Land/Penciler José Marzan, Jr./Inker, Patricia Mulvihill/Colourist, John Costanza/Letterer, Joseph Illidge/Editor, Bob Schreck/Editor, Richard Grayson (New Earth)/Appearances, Aaron Helzinger (New Earth)/Appearances, Amy Rohrbach (New Earth)/Appearances, Bridget Clancy (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Law (New Earth)/Appearances, Phillip Addad (New Earth)/Appearances, Roland Desmond (New Earth)/Appearances, Bludhaven Police Department/Appearances, Macklin Arnot (New Earth)/Appearances, Thaddeus Ryerstad (New Earth)/Appearances, Sylvan Scofield (New Earth)/Appearances, Dudley Soames (New Earth)/Appearances, Bludhaven/Appearances, Comics, 2000, 2000, October, 2000, August (Publication), Nightwing Vol 2, Modern-Age, Executive Editor Credit Needed, Synopsis Written

Nightwing Vol 2 48


Nightwing Vol 2 48

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"The Sylph, Part One: Slender Thread": While out on patrol, Nightwing watches what appears to be a suicide jumper from the McCullar Building. He is not able to prevent the deadly fall, but then a second person jumps. It is a woman w

Appearing in "The Sylph, Part One: Slender Thread"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mac Arnot
  • Mr. Mercklersone (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Aaron Shue (Only appearance; dies)
  • Nelson DeSantis (Only appearance; dies)




Synopsis for "The Sylph, Part One: Slender Thread"

While out on patrol, Nightwing watches what appears to be a suicide jumper from the McCullar Building. He is not able to prevent the deadly fall, but then a second person jumps. It is a woman who wears many layers of a mysterious synthetic textile fabric which enables her to land safely on her feet. Dick guesses that he just witnessed a murder.

Next morning at the Blüdhaven Police Department, Detective Phil Addad has a tough time dealing with Tad Ryerstad. Their is like zero history on him and not willing to talk to the police as well.

At the same time, Dick listens to recorded messages on his answering machine. He missed an unexpected call from a Mr. Mercklesone who tells him there are some open spots at the Bludhaven PD. Dick immediately leaves for a personal interview and is so excited that he completely overhears anything Bridget Clancy tells him on his way out. At the department Dick accepts the job offer. He will be sworn in a few days and assigned to a field training officer. Dick has no clue that he only got the job because Mr. Mercklesone was blackmailed by Inspector Mac Arnot.

In the evening, Torque breaks into the house of Blockbuster with the clear intention to kill his former sponsor. But when he finds Blockbuster extremely weakened in a sickbed, Torque changes his mind as killing him now would have shown mercy.

A few days later, Dick receives his police uniform and meets female Sergeant Amy Rohrbach who will serve as his field training officer. She heard that Dick only got the job thanks to some special connections and, thus, is not very friendly to him. But before his first working day starts, Dick gets back to the murder case. He tracks down another potential victim, but again arrives too late. He finds the business partner of the first victim strangled on the floor of his appartment, but this time the woman ist still present. Like last time, she jumps out of the window and Nightwing follows her. However, he gets wrapped up in that strange fabric and falls helplessly to the ground. Dick uses his acrobatic skills to somehow dampen the impact of the fall, but he lands directly on a highway and a truck is about to run him over ...


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