Nitro was hired by Roland Daggett in his scheme to destroy and build over Park Avenue, better known as Crime Alley. When the City board refused, Daggett decided to do things less than legally. He hired Nitro to plant explosives to blow the street up during the awards dinner Daggett was attending. During his attempt, he and Crocker were caught by Leslie Thompkins, and were forced to kidnap her. After leaving the old lady, Nitro and Crocker were caught by Batman, who planed to honor his parent' death as every year with Leslie. Knowing she was missing, Batman found the duo, pointing out that Nitro was violating his parole.

Upon finding Dr. Thompkins, Batman got her to safety but couldn't get to majority of Nitro's explosives. The ones left behind however were merely condemned, foiling Daggett's plan. To save face, Roland denied everything, much to Nitro and Crocker's surprise.




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