Nol-Anj was Prixiam of a clann, a criminal group operating through several sectors of space. Hers was one of the more successful ones, involved in almost any crime imaginable. Eventually, her activities came to the attention of the Green Lantern Corps, and Anj was arrested by Lantern Gorrin-Sunn, and taken to Oa. She remained imprisoned in a sciencell for six years, without trial or official confirmation of her crimes. After the defeat of Volthoom, she was discovered by a Star Sapphire Ring, which sensed her love for her clann. Using it, she broke out of the Sciencell, killing Green Lantern Cossite in the attempt. From there she stole a spaceship and escaped to Sector 563, finding the leftovers of her clann, who had reduced to a shadow of their former selves due to lack of business. Anj saw however, that their lack of rivals meant they now had more power than ever before, and with her ring the means to keep it. Almost immediately thereafter Hal Jordan arrived, having followed her there. The two fought, with Anj using Jordan's love for Carol Ferris against him. Her attempt at pressing her attack home was thwarted when her ring quite suddenly stopped functioning. In the confusion, Hal Jordan escaped, something Anj allowed, knowing he would return soon enough.




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