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Nomoz was the mentor of Jean-Paul Valley on his journey to activate "The System" that allowed him to become Azrael. Nomoz used his knowledge of hypnosis to unleash Jean-Paul's programming and introduced him to the Order of St. Dumas.[1] Nomoz provided Jean-Paul with the latest Azrael battle suit and he guided the new Angel of Vengeance against the demon Biis, who was killing members of the Order of St. Dumas.[2] Biis hurt Azrael and captured Batman, leaving Nomoz and Alfred to take care of the wounded Jean-Paul and plan the rescue of Batman. Soon, they went to Biis' hideout and broke inside the place.[3] However, after a brutal fight and a big explosion, Azrael managed to rescue Batman, despite Nomoz instructions of letting him die and eliminate Biis instead. Nomoz scolded Jean-Paul for neglecting his duty as Azrael, but Jean-Paul was sure he did the right thing.[4]


  • Storytelling: Nomoz holds vast knowledge of the history of the Order of St. Dumas, which he reveals as a lenghty story over the course of Jean-Paul's training.
  • Hypnosis: Nomoz is able to unleash "The System", a programmed hypnotic induced ability that was placed on Jean-Paul.

Nomoz is a dwarfling; a caste of creatures created by the Order of St. Dumas.



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