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Nora West-Allen, also known as XS, was the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen, who inherited her father's Speed Force abilities and was given her mother's trademark jacket from her temporary time as a speedster. In the year 2049, Nora decided to travel back to the year 2017. After arriving in that time period, she began meeting various members of Team Flash. She attended her parents' wedding as a caterer serving sparkling water, and encouraged her father to do good marrying Iris. She later appeared to Ralph Dibny and Cisco Ramon, paying for their drinks. Cisco commented on her Oregon Trail shirt, and Nora began rambling about the science behind destiny. After the two left, she begins writing symbols in her notebook, the same symbols Barry wrote when he emerged from the Speed Force. Later, Harry and Caitlin go to CC Jitters, and while discussing Caitlin somehow remembering her time as Killer Frost, Nora spills her "Killer Frost" drink on them. Nora apologizes and rushes to help clean up, and Nora begins saying how she came there to meet some people for the first time. Harry quickly rushes to leave, and Caitlin comments that she hopes Nora meets with whoever she wants to meet with, and Nora replies that she did, implying she came there to meet them. Much later, Nora appears at Cecille's baby shower, delivering a diaper bag, saying she believes her child will be born in 21 days, but quickly comments that it was just a guess. Nora begins saying how time is precious and we should make what er have of it, but when Iris approaches, Cecille turns around and she is gone. Down the hallway, Nora looks around to make sure no one sees her, and uses her super-speed to run off. Later, when The Thinker's satellites are falling down to Central City, Barry goes to punch the satellite, but at this point in time, Nora goes back to right before he started running to stop the satellite, and joins in, helping her father destroy the satellite with a sonic punch. Soon after, Nora rushes into Joe's home and all the members of Team Flash begin realizing they've seen her before. Barry and Iris comment on Nora's jacket, and Nora replies that she is their daughter from the future, and she made a big mistake.

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  • Speed Force Conduit: People who, for whatever reason, are connected to the Speed Force are sometimes called Speed Force Conduits. This means that they are connected to the Speed Force and are tethered to it.[1]
    • Accelerated Healing: The Speed Force connection allows the speedster's body recover from injury much faster than normal.[citation needed]
    • Enhanced Senses: The Speed Force enhances the speedster's senses, allowing them to perceive the world at a rate attuned how fast they can react.[2]
    • Phasing: Speed Force conduits can tap into the Speed Force to vibrate their molecules in a way to achieve intangibility for short bursts, allowing them to phase through objects.[3]
    • Speed Force Aura: The Speed Force also manifests an aura around the speedster and whatever they are carrying, protecting them from adverse effects of their speed, such a friction with the air.[4]
      • Superhuman Durability: The Speed Force Aura also protects speedsters from kinetic impacts, which in turn, makes them much more durable and resistant to injury than any normal human.[5]
    • Superhuman Stamina: While not unlimited, the connection to the Speed Force does bolster the speedsters stamina well beyond the limits of a normal human.[2]
    • Superhuman Speed: The main effect of the connection is to allow a speedster to move at vast superhuman speeds[2]. This also confers:
    • Vortex Creations: Speed Force conduits are able to create vortices of air by running in circles or rotating their extremities at super-speed. These vortices can be used for a number of effects.[6]




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