Nora Fries was the wife of the scientist Victor Fries, who discovered that she was suffering from MacGregor's Syndrome. Batman reveals that she has the most advanced stages of this disease, for which Mr. Freeze has yet to find a cure, although he has managed to cure the first few stages of the disease where nobody else is even close. Poison Ivy, who is infatuated with Mr. Freeze and his powers, pulls the plug on Nora’s machine in an attempt to kill her and have Freeze to herself. She fails, as Nora lives, and Batman has her sent to Arkham Asylum so that Mr. Freeze can continue his research for a cure during his imprisonment there, simultaneously convincing Freeze to give him the cure for Stage One MacGregor's Syndrome (of which Alfred is currently dying from). Freeze also uses this opportunity to exact his revenge on Ivy for trying to kill his wife.