Quote1 No, Plant Lad! Don't, change back... they'll kill you! Plant Lad... dead! Quote2
-- Element Lad src

Noyt Echad was one of several super-heroes that were captured by Nardo, the warden of a prison planet. The Legion of Super-Heroes were also prisoners of the planet. The various heroes made several attempts to escape, and finally succeeded. Unfortunately, prior to the mass jailbreak, Noyt's nerves cracked while working in the prison yard. When he changed into the form of a Venusian Octopus Vine, he attacked the guards and was promptly shot to death.


  • This version of Noyt Echad (Pre-Zero Hour) is no longer considered part of canon continuity. All history and corresponding appearances of Noyt Echad (Pre-Zero Hour) were erased from continuity following the events of the 1994 limited series Zero Hour: Crisis in Time.