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Nth metal (also called ninth metal) is a special metal found in the DC Universe.


Nth metal (also called ninth metal) is a special metal found in the DC Universe.

It is native to Thanagar, the home planet of Katar Hol and Shayera Thal. Among the unusual properties of Nth metal is the ability to negate gravity, allowing a person wearing an object, such as a belt, made of Nth Metal to fly. In addition, Nth metal also protects the wearer from the elements and speeds the healing of wounds, increases their strength, and protects them from extremes in temperature.

It has many other properties that have yet to be revealed in full. It has been implied that the apparently "magical" abilities of the Thanagarian supervillain, Onimar Synn, all stem from his unique mastery of the properties of Nth metal. These powers are augmented to a god-like level in the Rann-Thanagar war when he builds himself an artificial body made of the substance. It is also used as shielding around the engines of all Thanagarian Warbird ships.

In ancient Egypt a Thanagarian spaceship made of Nth metal crash-landed, to be discovered by Prince Khufu and his betrothed, Chay-ara. Exposure to Nth metal forced Khufu and Chay-Ara into a cycle of reincarnation. In the Twentieth Century, they were incarnated as Carter Hall and Shiera Saunders, the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl. As Hawkman and Hawkgirl, they wore Nth metal belts, made with the help of Thanagarian Paran Katar, father of Katar Hol, when he was visiting Earth.

Many years later, Carter and Shiera's son, Hector Hall made a suit of armor made of Nth metal and took the name Silver Scarab as a founding member of Infinity, Inc. The suit provided him with protection from attacks, allowed him to fly and to project solar energy blasts, and let him lift great weights.

The current Hawkman and Hawkgirl continue to wear Nth metal armor.

Members of the Legion of Super-Heroes wear flight rings made of an alloy of Nth metal called Valorium.

Powers and Abilities

The Nth Metal grants the wearer/wielder unique abilities

  • Gravity Negation: Grants the ability to fly and allows the wearer to carry objects 20 times heavier than what they normally would.[1]
  • Heat Generation: The metal generates a heat aura, sufficient to keep a man alive under Arctic conditions.[2]

Other Versions


In the Justice League animated series, Nth metal has a somewhat different history. In the TV series, Nth metal is transuranic iron with an atomic number of 676, possesses innate anti-magical properties, is hyper-conductive and is able to invert mesons and gravitons.

The Thanagarians had used the Nth metal to drive off Icthultu, a Lovecraftian entity that had dominated Thanagar for generations. Also, Hawkgirl was able to use her Nth metal mace to deflect the spells of Doctor Fate, and her mace was the only weapon that could put down a rampaging Solomon Grundy that was under the influence of chaos magic.

Hawkman managed to trap the Gentleman Ghost in an Nth metal net, claiming that Nth metal negates dimensional shifting that a ghost would be capable of.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

There are multiple appearances of Nth Metal in Batman: The Brave and the Bold; both Batman and Green Arrow include it in their arsenal when battling Gentleman Ghost, implying that ghosts can only be touched by this metal indicating that similarly to DCAU continuity that Nth metal has similar anti-magical properties to it.


  • In Pre-Crisis continuity, ninth metal existed in the Earth-Two universe, where it had no known extraterrestrial background. Nth metal existed on Earth-One, and was used primarily by Thanagarians.

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