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Number of the Beast Vol 1 2


Number of the Beast Vol 1 2

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"Verse Two: Gone Baby Gone": At the Empty Arms Motel, in the City, Aeronaut and Honeybee are in bed together. However, her stinger activates, and he goes away, refusing her advances. Hurt, she does the job they were went there to do originally: colle

Quote1 The end is nigh. The end is high. Heh. Quote2
-- Eidolon

Appearing in "Verse Two: Gone Baby Gone"

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Synopsis for "Verse Two: Gone Baby Gone"

At the Empty Arms Motel, in the City, Aeronaut and Honeybee are in bed together. However, her stinger activates, and he goes away, refusing her advances. Hurt, she does the job they were went there to do originally: collecting a Gideon Bible from the motel. She observed doing this by the two airmen from the previous issue, but they are called away by an alarm - the High is registering a spike in brain activity. However, as he is still little more than a large mass of flesh in a small pool of blood and fluids, they deactivate his alarm and go back to their duty.

In the cells, Doctor Sin is complaining that he is being held without trial. Redeemer and Neandra accuses him of orchestrating the mass disappearance, but he denies it, quoting from the Greek translations of Saint Paul's Letters to the Thessalonians, referring to an event called the "Harpazo" - in English, the Rapture, which is supposed to herald Judgment Day. The group is called away, as fire begins raining down over the City. It strikes Engine Joe's garage hideout, but Mago teleports over, getting him out of harm's way just in time.

The Crime Corps claims sanctuary in a church, but is attacked by Thrush, Falconette and Johnny Ray-Gun. Meanwhile, the Eidolon staggers into the Paladins headquarters and frees Doctor Sin, trying to make him realize the falseness in his surroundings. In desperation, the two airmen shoot the Eidolon's tube in their headquarters, causing him to disappear from the city in a cloud of polygons. Suddenly, fire strikes Palatine Hill. Doctor Sin is crippled by the explosion, but when he sees the High in the wreckage, and uttering, "You... you're back."


  • This issue shipped on late April 23, 2008.
  • This comic included some ancillary notes on Engine Joe, Johnny Ray-Gun and Mago the Magician.


  • This comic also contains a preview for "Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow".

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