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Nyoka the Jungle Girl is the franchise built around the Nyoka Gordon character from the movie serial Perils of Nyoka.


Licensed comics

  • Jungle Girl (Published by Fawcett, not included in this database)
  • Nyoka the Jungle Girl Vol 1 (Published by Fawcett, not included in this database)
  • Nyoka the Jungle Girl Vol 2 (Published by Charlton, not included in this database)

Anthology comics


  • Nyoka Gordon in Perils of Nyoka is based on Nyoka Meredith from the earlier serial Jungle Girl, but all of the licensing was done after Perils of Nyoka, so Perils is considered the start of the franchise.
  • Nyoka the Jungle Girl was never licensed by DC Comics, but she was licensed by Fawcett Publications, and Nyoka stories appeared in anthology comics (mainly Master Comics) that are included in this database.
  • Nyoka the Jungle Girl characters never appeared in crossover stories with Fawcett-owned characters, but Nyoka did interact with Fawcett characters on the covers of Master Comics.


  • No trivia.

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