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OMAC Project Vol 1 1


OMAC Project Vol 1 1

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"The Eye in the Sky": Maxwell Lord, revealed as the Black King of Checkmate, has just murdered Blue Beetle in cold blood. He orders his knights to take the body away and incinerate it. His most trusted knight

Quote1 It means Ted Kord is dead, Alfred... and none of us are safe - none of us. Quote2
-- Batman

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Synopsis for "The Eye in the Sky"

Maxwell Lord, revealed as the Black King of Checkmate, has just murdered Blue Beetle in cold blood. He orders his knights to take the body away and incinerate it. His most trusted knight, Sasha Bordeaux, begins to distrust her superiors.

Sasha meets with another agent, Jessica Midnight, on the ramparts of the Checkmate compound. Midnight openly questions Max's brash actions, but Sasha is determined to keep her in line.

While Jessica and Sasha settle their differences, Maxwell Lord goes inside to activate Brother Eye – a master satellite system capable of spying on anyone, anywhere on the globe. The satellite's creator, Batman, tries to regain control of Brother Eye, but has no idea who usurped control of the station from him. Lord uses the satellite to awaken human sleeper agents, OMACs, and orders them to terminate selected metahumans with extreme prejudice.

Maxwell Lord then orders Sasha and her team to dismantle Blue Beetle's Bug and scatter its components in an untraceable location. Sasha, guilty over her part in Beetle's death, surreptitiously mails his broken goggles to Bruce Wayne.

Meanwhile in the United States, Booster Gold investigates Blue Beetle's disappearance. He has yet to learn the grisly fate that has befallen his friend. He meets up with Wonder Woman and together they fly to the JLA Watchtower to investigate further.


  • This book was first published on April 20, 2005.
  • The OMAC Project is a six-issue limited series, which includes a one-shot special.
  • This issue is reprinted in the OMAC Project trade paperback which shipped in December of 2005.
  • Blue Beetle appears as a corpse only (body destroyed in this issue).


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