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Jesús Saíz/Penciler, Cliff Richards/Penciler, Jesús Saíz/Inker, Bob Wiacek/Inker, Hi-Fi Design/Colourist, Phil Balsman/Letterer, Rachel Gluckstern/Editor, Victor Stone (New Earth)/Quotes, Bruce Wayne (New Earth)/Appearances, Michael Jon Carter (New Earth)/Appearances, Checkmate (New Earth)/Appearances, Sasha Bordeaux (New Earth)/Appearances, Jessica Midnight (New Earth)/Appearances, Beatriz da Costa (New Earth)/Appearances, Guy Gardner (New Earth)/Appearances, Hal Jordan (New Earth)/Appearances, John Stewart (New Earth)/Appearances, Maxwell Lord IV (New Earth)/Appearances, Omni Mind and Community/Appearances, John Malone (New Earth)/Appearances, Garfield Lynns (New Earth)/Appearances, Demolition Team (New Earth)/Appearances, Rosie (New Earth)/Appearances, Hardhat (New Earth)/Appearances, Jackhammer (New Earth)/Appearances, Scoopshovel (New Earth)/Appearances, Steamroller (New Earth)/Appearances, Bernhard Baker (New Earth)/Appearances, Dinah Laurel Lance (New Earth)/Appearances, Jefferson Pierce (New Earth)/Appearances, Benjamin Turner (New Earth)/Appearances, Cameron Chase (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Bones (New Earth)/Appearances, Wallace West (New Earth)/Appearances, Dominic Mndawe (New Earth)/Appearances, Brion Markov (New Earth)/Appearances, Tatsu Yamashiro (New Earth)/Appearances, J'onn J'onzz (New Earth)/Appearances, Mary Batson (New Earth)/Appearances, Rex Mason (New Earth)/Appearances, Rosabelle Mendez (New Earth)/Appearances, Leonid Kovar (New Earth)/Appearances, Mari McCabe (New Earth)/Appearances, Baby Wildebeest (New Earth)/Appearances, Diana of Themyscira (New Earth)/Appearances, Creature Commandos (New Earth)/Appearances, Benjamin Hunter (New Earth)/Appearances, Elliot Taylor (New Earth)/Appearances, Warren Griffith (New Earth)/Appearances, Doom Patrol (New Earth)/Appearances, Rita Farr (New Earth)/Appearances, Lawrence Trainor (New Earth)/Appearances, Clifford Steele (New Earth)/Appearances, Freedom Fighters (New Earth)/Appearances, Ryan Kendall (New Earth)/Appearances, Grant Emerson (New Earth)/Appearances, Roy Lincoln (New Earth)/Appearances, Delilah Tyler (New Earth)/Appearances, Raymond Terrill (New Earth)/Appearances, Uncle Sam (New Earth)/Appearances, Global Guardians/Appearances, Wenonah Littlebird (New Earth)/Appearances, Liang Xih-K'ai (New Earth)/Appearances, Hugh Dawkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Justice Society of America (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Garrick (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Tyler (New Earth)/Appearances, Patrick Dugan (New Earth)/Appearances, Courtney Whitmore (New Earth)/Appearances, Sanderson Hawkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Metal Men (New Earth)/Appearances, Iron (New Earth)/Appearances, Lead (New Earth)/Appearances, Mercury (New Earth)/Appearances, Platinum (New Earth)/Appearances, Tin (New Earth)/Appearances, Supermen of America/Appearances, Cal Usjak (New Earth)/Appearances, Theo Storm (New Earth)/Appearances, Claudio Tielli (New Earth)/Appearances, Nona Lin-Baker (New Earth)/Appearances, Teen Titans (New Earth)/Appearances, Garfield Logan (New Earth)/Appearances, Victor Stone (New Earth)/Appearances, Bartholomew Allen II (New Earth)/Appearances, Raven (New Earth)/Appearances, Cassandra Sandsmark (New Earth)/Appearances, Brother Eye (New Earth)/Appearances, OMAC Project, Countdown to Infinite Crisis, Comics, 2005, 2005, November, September 28, 2005 (Publication), 2005, September (Publication), OMAC Project Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written, Infinite Crisis

OMAC Project Vol 1 6


OMAC Project Vol 1 6

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"Loss of Signal": Assembled heroes begin fighting 1.3 million OMAC units.

Quote1 You guys give machines a bad name. Quote2
-- Cyborg

Appearing in "Loss of Signal"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Loss of Signal"

Assembled heroes begin fighting 1.3 million OMAC units.

Using a combination of a computer virus and an EMP, the heroes shut down all the OMACs.

Brother Eye broadcasts the video of Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord throughout the world.



  • This series is one of four different Infinite Crisis tie-in titles. The other titles include:

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