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Oa is a planet that lies in the center of the universe and occupied to a race of blue-skinned powerful humanoids who have dubbed themselves the Guardians of the Universe. Oa's history is not clear; according to some stories, the Guardians originated in a planet called Maltus. These evo


Ancient History

Oa is a planet that lies in the center of the universe and occupied to a race of blue-skinned powerful humanoids who have dubbed themselves the Guardians of the Universe. Oa's history is not clear; according to some stories, the Guardians originated in a planet called Maltus. These evolved Maltusians later moved to Oa and named themselves Oans. Oa became a convenient base of operations. Other stories had the Oans living there from the beginning. When the scientist Krona tried to discover the creation of the Universe a wave of evil engulfed the worlds and created an Anti-matter Universe of evil. He was exiled for this crime and the Oans tried to protect the Universe.

Oa Then and Now

One of the oldest planets, Oa serves as the home and headquarters of the Guardians of the Universe, who administer the Green Lantern Corps. Oa's star is called Sto-Oa (the "Light of Oa") by the children of the planet's inhabitants.[1]

Oa appears to be mainly a desert-like, lifeless planet. The main feature is the Guardian's city which includes, among other things, the Main Power Battery that is charged by the Guardians with their own unique green energy. The Battery then broadcasts this energy to the personal Power Batteries of all Green Lanterns. The Green Lantern Hal Jordan, under the influence of the evil entity Parallax, killed all but one of the Guardians and most of the Corps before draining the battery of its energy. The planet was later destroyed during a battle between Jordan and his successor, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.[2]

The planet was reformed sometime later by Jordan's old friend and associate Tom Kalmaku.[3] The Central Power Battery was later recharged and the Guardians resurrected shortly thereafter by Kyle Rayner after he spent some time as the near-omnipotent "Ion".

After attacks by Superman-Prime and the Spider Guild, the Guardians refortified Oa by creating a planetwide armour and defensive system to prevent successful attacks against them. The full capability of the new systems are still unknown. They were not however able to prevent an assault by The Sinestro Corps. Afterward, the Corps doubled its defenses. However, a rogue Guardian, Scar, weakened its defenses for an attack from the Black Lantern Corps.


By the 31st century, Oa lies mostly in ruins and its power battery cracked and the rings of the Corps lie in a pile, unable to locate new bearers due to the apparent death of Mogo.[4] Green Lantern Sodam Yat became the last Guardian of the Universe in this period and subsequently recharges the power rings on Oa to rebuild the Green Lantern Corps.[5]

Points of Interest

  • Central Meeting Hall: Where Green Lanterns receive their briefing and assignments.
  • Central Power Battery of Oa
  • The Foundry
  • Dining Hall: can accommodate any Green Lantern's nutritional needs. The Executive Chef, Greet, specializes in replicating dishes from across the universe. However, He has trouble replicating the vast number of foods from earth.
  • Hall of Great Service: Housing the massive Book of Oa - the corps lawbook and bible - the Hall of Great Services a library of the stories and deeds of the finest Green Lanterns of all time. like his father before him, Tomar-Tu recently took the position of Archivist Superior, filing every tale as it comes in. The Book of Oa has been designated off-limits after being rewritten by the Guardians of the Universe to include Ten New Laws. The library also carries records of Green Lanterns Corps and momentos of their victories and defeats.
  • Hazard Simulation Facility: Where new Green Lanterns endure a series of tests to determine their viability in the field. The hazard simulation facility allows for safe, non-lethal training scenarios to be enacted.
  • Memorial Hall: Erected to dedicate Green Lanterns members who lost their lives in the line of duty. Morro, a Green Lantern from the planet Sarc, and his four pets, called Dratures, volunteer as cryptkeepers.
  • New Warriors: New Warriors is a themed-eatery and drinking establishment built by Guy Gardner. He decided to create the lounge after permanently relocating to Oa.
  • Planetary Citadel: The planetary citadel is the Guardians' stronghold and meeting room. It contains a holographic map of the universe, allowing them to locate disturbances and track their Green Lanterns.
  • Sector Houses: These safe houses allow lanterns to hold criminals as they await escort back to the Oan Sciencells. Limited recreational facilities are available to accomodate Green Lanterns in their travels.
  • The Sciencells: a prison designed to contain the most ruthless and powerful criminals in the universe captured by the Green Lantern Corps. Its current residents include Lyssa Drak, Evil Star, Igneous Man, and Alexander Nero. Despero possibly also currently one of its residents after a battle with the Justice League at Wayne Manor during Infinite Crisis.


Other versions

Green Lantern: First Flight

Oa seems to be remarkably advanced much like its comic counterpart. Almost all of his structures, buildings and mountains float over the vast ocean of the planet. Sinestro, after becoming a yellow lantern, caused great havoc all over the planet destroying many of its citadels.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Oa is built right upon the planet's surface rather than floating like other versions. It presents various defense weaponry against menaces like The Reach.

Green Lantern (2011 film)

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