Oboe Hardison was a friend of the Langford family and helped to maintain the boat house on the lake near the Langford home in Louisiana. A young and affable man, Oboe befriended his employer Savanna Langford's nine-year-old grandson Jim Kipp. [1] Oboe was present at Savanna's funeral only a short time later and brought his girlfriend with him to the reception luncheon. [2] Oboe also had an encounter with an blond-haired criminal named Eleanor who asked him about renting motor boats. [3]

Oboe consoled Tressa Kipp when it was believed that her son Jim had been killed in a bicycle accident. [4]

  • Oboe Hardison was portrayed by Anthony Galde.
  • Oboe Hardison is unique to the continuity of the Swamp Thing television series and does not have a comic book analog.



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