When Control Freak entered the television using his magic remote, the Teen Titans followed him in using a similar device.

Control Freak, feeling threatened by the trailing Titans, hired three assassins from different television channels: the Off-World Outlaw, the Creature from Jones Lake, and 7-Gorn-7. The bounty hunters did as they were requested and went in search of the Titans.

The Off-World Outlaw was the first villain to find Robin on a television show called Stuntfest. The Outlaw and Robin got into a shoot out with the villain almost winning. However, as he was about to finish off Robin, Cyborg and Raven arrived and knocked the Outlaw to the ground. The three Titans escaped into another channel.

During a commerical, all of the Titans regrouped and prepared to fight all three assassins together. A shoot-out ensued soon occurred with the Creature from Jones Lake hit by a stray blast from 7-Gorn-7. The Off-World Outlaw, who was aiming for Starfire and Raven, was distracted long enough to be beaten and defeated by Beast Boy. He was most likely returned to his television channel. [1]

When the Brotherhood of Evil began its purge of heroes, Control Freak was assigned to attack Kilowatt. The Off-World Outlaw was among the henchmen Control Freak spawned from his remote to attack the hero. The Outlaw did not last long in battle, though, and was almost immediately defeated. [2]


  • Proficient with Firearms: The Off-World Outlaw is amazing with his dual laser pistols. The Outlaw is so good that he was able to hit both of Robin's birdarangs as soon as he pulled them out, proving the villains accuracy and reflexes.


  • Weak Endurance: The Off-World Outlaw, because he is a television character, can be defeated and returned to his television show if hit with enough force.


  • Taser Rope: When the Off-World Outlaw is knocked down or away from his pistols, he uses a deploable rope from his wrist that latches on and shocks its target.


  • Two Laser Pistols: The Off-World Outlaw's main weapons are two black laser pistols. He has shown impressive accuracy with them and is his weapon of choice.