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Quote1 People have these vigilantes all wrong. There is only one way for me to set the record straight. I am Green Arrow. Quote2
-- Oliver Queen src

In October of 2006, Oliver Queen appeared on the Season 6 episode of Smallville entitled "Sneeze". Played by former Aquaman actor Justin Hartley, Queen was introduced as a potential business rival to Lionel Luthor. To demonstrate his expertise at archery, Oliver stood on the roof of his Metropolis office and fired an arrow into the sky after speaking the word, "Borneo". The arrow flew across the street and struck the designation of Borneo on the globe of the Daily Planet. [1] In the episode titled "Wither", Oliver Queen meets Lois Lane and invites her to attend a costume ball hosted by Lex Luthor. Although his disguise is intended to reflect the folk hero Robin Hood, the design is more in line with the costume that Ollie wore during the Silver Age years of DC Comics. In the episode, Ollie reunites with Lex Luthor whom he has not seen since their boarding school days. [2] In the following episode, "Arrow", Oliver Queen becomes Green Arrow in both name and deed. After stealing a black market gemstone from Lionel Luthor, Ollie earns the attention of the inquisitive neophyte reporter, Lois Lane. Lois (who refers to the hero as the Green Arrow Bandit), plays true to form and becomes the victim of several unscrupulous businessmen, forcing the Green Arrow and Clark Kent to work together to rescue her. By the end of the episode, Clark and Ollie discover each other's greatest secrets. Before parting, Ollie gives Clark some free advice indicating that his gifts should be used for the benefit of the entire world, not just for the people that he is close to.[3]


  • Healing (formerly): He injected himself with a drug RL65, gain him a healing factor which was temporally with side effects of rage and so he stop using the drug, because of this.
Oliver Queen Smallville Season 11 001

Oliver as he appeared in Season 11


  • Archery: Oliver Queen is an expert in the field of archery. From the roof of his penthouse, he once fired an arrow across the street striking the location of Borneo on the map of the Daily Planet globe.
  • Business Management: Oliver Queen inherited the reigns of Queen Industries from his father, Robert. Though Queen now spends little time involved with the day to day operations of the company, his apparent wealth suggests that his business acumen is savvy enough to keep the company prosperous.


  • Motorbike


  • He is the founder of the Justice League.


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