Little of Styrian's life before joining Wildcore is known except that he was recruited by Director Giovanni, he was the son of Giovanni's best friend, and he is of Indian descent. After Wildcore's first battle with the Drahn, he enjoyed a brief relationship with Crimson, daughter of Backlash.

Styrian was with Zealot's team when she was sent to rescue Azrum in the Himalayas. Unfortunately, shortly after finding Azrum, the team was captured by Tapestry. Shortly after, Styrian and the rest of Wildcore were flung into a parallel reality. Eventually joining with the brainwashed members of Wildcore, Styrian accompanied them in a quest to save the life of the "Warrior Queen" (a brainwashed Zealot). Sadly, in the final battle with Tapestry, Styrian gave his own life to save Backlash, much to Jodi's sadness. Due to the time restraint on the portal back to Earth, Wildcore was forced to leave Styrian's body behind.


  • Aerokinesis: Styrian could control the wind, allowing him to fly or generate concussive blasts.