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Omega Men Vol 2 6


Omega Men Vol 2 6

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"Universal Smother": While running for their lives, Tigorr and Vril Dox have a nice little tête-à-tête which leads to a plan of taking down Lady Styx from the inside. The Omega Men hop in th

Quote1 Behold the new beginning. Behold the alpha woman. I am the Lady Styx. And I am God!! Quote2
-- Lady Styx

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Synopsis for "Universal Smother"

While running for their lives, Tigorr and Vril Dox have a nice little tête-à-tête which leads to a plan of taking down Lady Styx from the inside. The Omega Men hop in their ship and fly into Lady Styx's giant body, heading straight for the heart - or Heartstone, as the case may be. The Omega Men see Nimbus, Lianna, Silica, and Darkfire working against their will as pieces of the Heartstone to help Lady Styx digest the universe.

Lady Styx now notices the Omega Men interfering and releases anti-bodies to deal with them. Vril proposes that Doc kills the four hosts to stop this, but Doc cannot. Dox connects these feelings of love that Lady Styx is feeding off of and the love that Doc has for his teammates to form a plan which he immediately enacts. He admits to Silica that he was wrong before to reject her love. He says that he was scared - he really does love her - and only she can stop this. He seals the deal with a kiss. In a strange embrace that only Dox and a living machine could have, Dox pulls the Heartstone out of Silica and she loses her form. Acting on this, Broot rushes the Heartstone and pulls Lianna and Darkfire out of the amalgamation, causing a small explosion in Lady Styx's chest. Lianna and Darkfire waste no time in attacking Lady Styx. With this distraction, Nimbus manages to maneuver behind Lady Styx and bites off the back of her head, delivering the killing blow!

A little later, back on Earth, Superman and L.E.G.I.O.N. help repair the damage in Manila. Dox and Lianna meet with Ganthet. Lianna promises to keep an eye on this new, powerful Nimbus and Dox hands over the Heartstone that used to be Silica, which Lianna tosses back into the ocean.

Back in the Vega system on the Omega Ship, as Nimbus and Tigorr get reacquainted, Nimbus hears a strange laughter coming from somewhere inside her...


  • Final issue.


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