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The Omnicannon is Hardware’s weapon of choice on most missions. This forearm mounted cannon fires a blast of compressed air capable of knocking down an opponent at a distance of 12 feet. However, these air blasts are primarily intended to propel special cartridges or “shells” of Curtis’s design th


The Omnicannon is Hardware’s weapon of choice on most missions.[1] This forearm mounted cannon fires a blast of compressed air capable of knocking down an opponent at a distance of 12 feet. [2] However, these air blasts are primarily intended to propel special cartridges or “shells” of Curtis’s design that create various effects. [1]

At any given time, the Omnicannon is loaded with six shells loaded in a rotating drum at the base of his gauntlet. [2] (Hardware naturally carries more shells than he could load as needed.) The cannon is linked to Hardware's on-board computer, DOBIE, which provides targeting and tracking. DOBIE can also spin the rotating drum to fire any of the shells currently loaded in any order. [1]

When the Omnicannon is engaged, a protective shield slides over the back of his wrist. This shield deflects the cannon’s air blast from Hardware’s hand as well as preventing him from accidentally bending his wrist upward while firing the weapon. [2]

Curtis employs an ever-increasing variety of Omnicannon shells for any possible situation. These include the following:

  • Stun: This shell creates a blinding flash of light and a deafening popping sound.[2]
  • Explosive/Incendiary: A high explosive charge coupled with a blast of heat.[1]
  • Octanitrocubane: A variant on the standard Explosive shell loaded with octanitrocubane, Earth's most powerful non-nuclear explosive. Hardware uses this shell to breach heavily fortified enemy strongholds. [3]
  • Tear Gas: A custom made tear gas engineered not to penetrate Hardware's armored shell. [4]
  • Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot: The outer shell tears away to reveal a solid sharpened rod of depleted uranium.[2]
  • Nanoacid: The shell contains a swarm of nano-robots held in suspension. On impact, the shell breaks opens and releases the nano-robots, which begin consuming any nearby metal, such as high-tech battlesuits. Thus, the nanoacid shell is an effective, non-lethal means for Hardware to neutralize armored opponents.[5]
  • Flame Retardant[6]
  • HEAP (High Explosive Armor Piercing): A shaped explosive charge with a specially hardened penetrating tip. [2]
  • Flechette: This shell's casing tears away to release dozens of tiny razor-sharp darts.[2] Sometimes, Hardware will coat these darts with a fast-acting anesthetic drug.[7]
  • Bolo: A nylon-corded steel ball bolo breaks free of the shell casing to entangle opponents.[1]
  • Knockout Gas: A custom-made chemical gas compound engineered not to penetrate Hardware's shell. The gas knocks out anyone who comes in contact with it for several minutes.[2]
  • Neural Net: A shell that releases a cohesive electrical field that painfully disrupts the nervous system of anyone it touches.[8] The field paralyzes its victim completely for four minutes, at which point it dissipates.[9] However, the average human will require another 20 minutes to fully recover from the paralysis.[9]
  • Complex Polymer: A powerful custom-made adhesive that sticks to and immobilizes an opponent.[7]
  • Cryonic: This shell generates intense cold to place an opponent in suspended animation.[10].


Early in his crimefighting career, Hardware realized he could be on a mission in which he required the Omnicannon's firepower, but his gauntlet hardpoints were being used for other equipment. To overcome this problem, Hardware began exploring new Omnicannon designs that fall into two catergories, hand-held and shoulder mounted.

  • Hand-held Omnicannon
Hardware's first hand-held Omnicannon was a rather bulky design with a curved magazine that fed the shells into the weapon and a telescopic sight used for emergency manual targeting.[8] Unsatisfied, Hardware concluded that it would wiser if each hand-held cannon was designed for a specific function. This lead to the development of the Omni-pistol, a handgun-sized weapon that can be easily concealed on his person while retaining the punch of a standard Omnicannon.[11] On the other extreme was the bazooka-like Omni-launcher, which Hardware created to destroy targets beyond the range of an Omnicannon.[12] Like their predecessor, the Omni-pistol and Omni-launcher are each equipped with a telescopic sight.
  • Shoulder-mounted Omnicannon
The latest Omnicannon design can be mounted on either of Hardware's shoulder pads. This weapon is more compact since it does not have to fit around his forearm. Otherwise, it functions like a standard Omnicannon.[10]

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