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Orion Vol 1 5


Orion Vol 1 5

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"Day of Wrath": Orion battles Darkseid until Darkseid unleashes the Omega effect. Orion reflects it back onto him causing Darkseid to disappear.

Appearing in "Day of Wrath"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:
Cameos for all




Synopsis for "Day of Wrath"

Orion battles Darkseid until Darkseid unleashes the Omega effect. Orion reflects it back onto him causing Darkseid to disappear.


  • This issue concludes Walt Simonson's first major story-arc on the title.


  • This is the only issue of this storyline that does not incorporate lyrics from the America the Beautiful into its title.
  • Issue includes non-canon cameo appearances by various comic book creators as well as DC, Marvel and Dark Horse Comics characters that Walt Simonson has worked on in the past.

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