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Orm is the second son of Queen Atlanna, half-brother to Aquaman and descendent of Orin.


In his childhood, he learned that he had an older brother 'stuck' in the surface world as grew up being told of the surface horrors and depravity according to Atlantean views, he wanted to form a search party and 'rescue' him.

However Arthur himself manage to find Atlantis on his own with the help of the exiled Atlantean Vulko.

Vulko states that a twelve year old Orm was actually the one to 'murder' Atlanna and because of his accusation, he was exiled, but that seemed to be a lie or just his mistake as Arthur managed to find her alive and in hiding.

Their relationship during the time Arthur remained in Atlantis is largely unknown however Orm willingly stepped down so Arthur could take the throne. In that time as Arthur came to see the surface world in the same Atlantis did and embraced atlantean culture. It could be extrapolated that they had a very good relationship previous to Vulko's scheme.

Throne of Atlantis

Black Manta was hired by an unseen atlantean to find Atlantis' treasures and find the Dead King's Scepter, as Arthur managed to get himself involved and saw Manta delievering it to him but not his face, he confronted Orm if he had plans to attack the surface but Orm assured him that he didn't and at first it was true.

Because of Vulko's scheme, his hand was forced. Vulko wanted Arthur on the throne and so manipulated and took control of american missiles and attacked Atlantis. Orm retaliated by invanding the surface.

Attacks on several heavily populated areas made the Justice League get involved and Vulko used the Dead King's Scepter to control the Trench, sea creatures that eat everything on sight, including their own with insatiable hunger. Arthur made Orm submit partially out of fighting him and partially reasoning with him due to Vulko's involvement and allowed the american government to arrest him much to his desperation as Orm couldn't believe that Arthur was as cruel as to leave him stuck in the surface world but Arthur was resolute.

Some time later, Tula and Murk and Swatt planned on breaking Orm out of prison however they didn't get far before word of Atlantis being attacked reached them.

When the Crime Syndicate got to this Earth and broke the prisioners out of Belle Reve, Orm took this opportunity to get out. On his way out, Orm got inside a store to ask to what direction is 'the water' he interrupted two escapees that were assaulting two clerks. Inadvertedly saving the woman he just walked away but the woman he saved, Erin pleaded to him to help her save her son that she left with a babysitter and since there was a massive breakout they were in grave danger.

Orm was unconcerned and just continued to walk. Erin's home was in the same direction and she kept begging him to help her and that her son, Tommy, was only eight, arriving there she saw Tommy and her friends being attacked. She desperately tried to stop the crimminals to no avail. Orm watched dispassionately and dived into the ocean, however not long after that, Orm stormed out of the water screaming that "eight was too young" saving Erin and her son.

Months after that, Orm is found living with Erin and Tommy, telling stories to him before bed and Orm seemed to have developed a relationshiop with Erin that is grateful and enamored for Orm saving her and her son's life. When asked if he was thinking about going back to Atlantis, Orm only answered that he thought he wanted that and that he believes his people to have abandoned him, expressing his concern that the humans would find out about him and cause problems for her, Erin proposed that they leave town to somewhere where no one could find him.

Before Orm could answer the house's door was blasted open, Orm managed to shield Erin and asked her to stay behind him. Nereus stepped inside and vowed to take over the planet.



  • Crown: (formerly) As the king of Atlantis, Orm had a crown that doubled as a helmet and allowed him to control the oceans to the effect of hydrokinesis.[1] This crown was destroyed by Aquaman at the end of his misguided attempt to attack the surface world.[2]


  • Orm is also known as Orm the First and King of the Seven Seas.



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