Oshi Fite was the daughter of Oya Sin Gaaz a skilled Voodoo Priestess hailing from the island of Haiti. Her father was Agua Sin Gaaz who was better known as the Baron. The Baron was a Jamaican crime lord with advanced Voodoo practioner. When Oya became pregnant she feared for her unborn child and what her husband would do to their child. She escaped to to the United States and gave birth to her daughter in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Her daughter Oshi grew up in New Orleans and learned from her mother the arts of Voodoo. Oshi later married Donald Fite a Government agent and the couple had a daugther Anita Fite. Whilst pregnant her mother blessed her unborn grandaughter so she would be a gifted athlete. The Baron stayed out of their life until he attempted to kill Donald Fite and accidentally killed his own daughter, Oshi Fite, which left Anita Fite without a mother. Oya, along with Donald, raised Anita, who later became the crimefighter Empress, who joined the superhero team Young Justice.


  • Occultism: Oshi Fite has some understanding of voodoo magic. Her most commonly used spell is teleportation.