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Quote1 Just call me The Ratcatcher official as was -- unofficial as is! Quote2
-- The Ratcatcher src

At one time an actual rat catcher in Gotham City, Otis Flannegan lost his job after killing a man in a barroom brawl. In revenge, he kept the judge and two others who helped convict him imprisoned in cells in the sewers for five years.[1] He has been imprisoned numerous times in his career (he's a regular in Blackgate penitentiary) for assault, kidnapping, and robbery. Flannegan calls himself The Ratcatcher because of a special trait he was gifted with: the ability to communicate with and train rats. The Ratcatcher has used his minions to plague Gotham on more than one occasion by unleashing hordes of the vermin. In prison, Flannegan is able to smuggle items in and out with the help of his small friends.

Flannegan isn't the most devious or most powerful of Batman's rogues gallery, nor is he considered as insane. His super villain outfit is a gas mask and vermin control gear. Flannegan is often drawn with rat-like features.

During the events of the Prodigal crossover with Dick Grayson taking up the mantle of Batman, Otis escaped from his parole hearing by using a flute he had carved to control rats at a high pitched frequency. His plans for Gotham were ruined by Batman in the end and he was once again captured. [2]

Infinite Crisis

When Infinite Crisis began, the Ratcatcher was being protected by, in addition to his rat friends, the homeless community. When he was discovered and being taken away, one of the homeless attempted to aid Flannegan, but was easily knocked aside by the arresting officers. The man turned out to be an OMAC in hiding, and the injury apparently initiated its release. The OMAC identified the Ratcatcher as a gamma level threat and vaporized him.


  • Leadership: Control over an army of sewer rats
  • Chemistry: Manipulation over various things with cyanide gases



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