"Sgt. Rock: "3 Stripes Hill"": This story is reprinted from Our Army at War #90.

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  • Nick Barton (Flashback only)


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  • Baldy Hill



Synopsis for Sgt. Rock: "3 Stripes Hill"

This story is reprinted from Our Army at War #90.

One night, while patrolling the dug outs made by Easy Co., Sgt. Rock overhears one of his troops making light of how Rock was born with his Sergeant stripes. This causes him to recollect the early days in Easy Co. and how he earned his position as Sergeant:

Back in those days, he and his friend Nick Barton had a light harted bet going on about who would make Sergeant first. When Nick is killed in a Nazi dive bomb Nick quips about how he won his bet that Rock would make it first.

Later the Sergeant, First Lieutenant and Captain take Rock to hold a position on what's called Baldy Hill. As they fight their way through, each man jokes about how if the enemy retires them, the man ranking below them will get an instant promotion. As fate would have it, when the four men are dug in at the top of Baldy Hill, they are attacked by everything from Nazi aircraft, to enemy tanks, to foot soldiers. Each soldier holding the position and dying one by one, until only Rock is left holding the position, and he manages to hold off the enemy, resorting to his bare hands when he runs out of bullets.

After the battle, Rock is instantly promoted to Sergeant, and he recognizes the sacrifices that took place for him to earn this position in Easy Company.

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  • This book was first published on September 5, 1967.
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