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Overload first appeared in an electronics store where it was absorbing power from electronic devices, causing itself to grow stronger and stronger. The Teen Tians confronted Overload, who seemed almost unstoppable except for one key element -- water. Using that weakness to their advantage, the Titans washed Overload away and it was taken to jail. En route to a higher-security prison, Overload's transport vehicle got overturned, and it got out and into Cyborg's missing T-Car, possessing it completely. Despite his love for the car, Cyborg was forced to blast it to bits -- and Overload was once again taken into custody as a result. Later on, as Slade had Terra free Cinderblock, Plasmus, and Overload from imprisonment, they merged into one giant being in order to give the Titans the fight of their life.


  • Electrokinesis: Overload was an energy being that could shock whatever happened to be within its reach.
    • Energy Absorption: It was able to draw power from electrical devices in order to cause itself to grow stronger.
    • Possession: It can also take over and control whatever computers and mechanical devices that it happens to insert itself into.