Overload was a criminal who needed to drain electronic devices.

The Teen Tians confronted Overload in an electronics store, who seemed almost unstoppable except for one key element - water. Using that weakness to their advantage, the Titans washed Overload away and it was taken to jail. En route to a higher-security prison, Overload's transport vehicle got overturned, and it got out and into Cyborg's missing T-Car, possessing it completely.

Despite his love for the car, Cyborg was forced to blast it to bits - and Overload was once again taken into custody as a result. Later on, as Slade had Terra free Cinderblock, Plasmus and Overload from imprisonment, they merged into one giant being in order to give the Titans the fight of their life.


  • Electrokinesis: Overload was an energy being that could shock whatever happened to be within its reach.
    • Energy Absorption: It was able to draw power from electrical devices in order to cause itself to grow stronger.
    • Possession: It can also take over and control whatever computers and mechanical devices that it happens to insert itself into.