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Overman was brought into existence after the Crisis on Infinite Earths by the Psycho-Pirate as a manifestation of a remembrance of a perished Universe. The Psycho Pirate described him as coming from "a bad world. A world where everthing's gone wrong." All the superheroes of this world were part of a government experiment - Overman was the first and the others were modified clones from his cells. Eventually Overman wrought utter descruction on his world, killing nearly everyone.

During Psycho Pirate's rememberings, Overman escaped from his destroyed reality into "the real world". Attempting to continue his destructive urges with a Doomsday Bomb, he battled Ultraman and Bizarro until he was finally defeated by Animal Man.


Similar to Superman's.

  • The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia identifies his Earth as Earth-Seventeen.