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Next to no information was given about Pagliacci, "a post-human thrillkiller with a body count in the triple digits". This serial killer was one of the deadly villains assembled by Lord Defile to discuss a potential alliance, a meeting that accidentally turned into the worst massacre in New York City's history.

During the battle, Pagliacci broke into the triage center the NYPD had improvised in a nearby nightclub, and started killing the medical and paramedical personnel and finishing the wounded and dying. He ran into Officer John Doran, who was bringing in the unconscious Fahrenheit. Amazingly, Doran managed to take out Pagliacci, and the preternaturally dangerous killer was likely arrested.


Pagliacci has enhanced agility, speed and reflexes. He's practically impossible to hit. He fights with the traditional Italian fencing array - rapier and dagger.



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