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Painting That Ate Paris

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The Painting That Ate Paris was a mysterious unnamed painting with many levels that was said to absorb anybody who gazed upon it. Mister Nobody and his Brotherhood of Dada used it to take the entirety of Paris captive, although they were stopped by the Doom Patrol. They accidentally activated the painting, waking up the “the Fifth Horseman,” which is extinction and oblivion. The Horse is about to launch into the real world when the Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood, working together, send it through the Dada section and turn it into a rocking horse. The world is saved, but the Brotherhood decide to stay inside the painting, where they can make their own reality. the Painting that Ate Paris was destroyed by Yankee Doodle. However, this was not the end of the Painting, as a girl was later seen picking a piece of it and using it as a slingshot to hurl a rock to break a government window, as the fragment started regrowing.

Eventually the fragment grew to the size of a mural, and was installed at Dayton Manor in Prague, proving that the painting cannot be destroyed, and therefore, the original members of the Brotherhood of Dada (with the exception of Mister Nobody) are alive.[1]

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