Quote1 As I told Lady Fries when I pulled her plug, this is a one woman show. Quote2
-- Poison Ivy src

Mad Botanist

Dr. Pamela Isley worked for Bruce Wayne's Arboreal Preservation Project in South America, with her work being the cross-breeding of plants with predatory wildlife in the hopes that floral nature will be better able to protect itself from the ravages of man on their environment. So far her cross-breeding experiments through the use of an experimental chemical called Venom have been failures, but she continues to be hopeful of her eventual success.

Super Soldier

Meanwhile, in the Gilgamesh wing of the building where the Arboreal Preservation Project was housed, her colleague Dr. Jason Woodrue has succeeded in developing a human "super soldier" in the form of a human test subject injected with Venom, which is able to give him instant and incredible superhuman strength. He called his successful test subject Bane, and is now offering him to any national leader in need of a "super soldier" at the highest bidding possible.

Buried In Her Work

Pamela sees what her colleague has done with her scientific work, using it for his own maniacal desire of world domination, even with the funding for his work cut by Bruce Wayne due to ideological differences, and vocally refuses to join with him. Dr. Woodrue decides to kill her by dumping her into a hole in a ground created by all the chemicals, plants, and toxins that has been poured on her, watching with glee as the earth she so dearly loves swallows her up whole.

Sprouting Up

As Dr. Woodrue is busy on the phone finalizing the deal with his "mystery bidder" who has won the rights to Bane, the earth erupts, and Dr. Isley arises looking more beautiful than she did when the earth swallowed her. She tells Woodrue that she now has aloe in her veins, chlorophyll as her skin, and her lips secreting Venom...which she demonstrates by kissing him on the lips and watching him choke to death from the poison he ingested. She proceeds to destroy the laboratory she worked in, ready to wreak vengeance on the world for its misuse of nature, when she notices a beaker labeled WAYNE ENTERPRISES, realizing that it's Bruce Wayne she needs to talk to. She hears Bane roaring in the background and decides to take him with her to Gotham City as she sets the entire building ablaze.

The Giant Telescope

Bruce Wayne with his girlfriend Julie Madison attend the unveiling of a giant telescope at the Gotham City Observatory that, through a complex series of satellites that reflect sunlight, will allow observers to see the sky from anywhere on Earth. During the press conference, Pamela Isley interrupts with the proposal of a project that could help the environment, but Bruce declines her offer, as it would kill millions of people. Isley makes a fierce charge that one day the plants will reclaim the environment from those who dare to destroy it, and that there will be no one to save them — a charge that only elicits laughs from those gathered at the conference. Bruce gives Isley an invitation to a charity ball where the benefits will go to preserving the rainforest, showing some "mammals" still care for the environment. She accepts, but only to secretly plot for the demise of Batman and Robin, who will show up at the charity ball.

Meet Poison Ivy

While the Dynamic Duo stand in wait at the charity ball for Mr. Freeze to take the bait of the Heart of Isis diamond necklace, an unexpected female visitor by the name of Poison Ivy makes her grand entrance. Blowing around a wisp of pheromone dust in order for the males to feel attraction to her, she makes her way to the stage and takes the necklace, offering the auctioneers present a night with her. Batman and Robin, also hit by the pheromone dust, get in on the auctioning action themselves.

Forces Of Nature

Soon Mr. Freeze shows up with his goons and his freeze gun. While Batman and Robin contend with his goons, Mr. Freeze swings onto the stage and tells Poison Ivy to hand over the jewels. Ivy simply responds by blowing some pheromone dust in his face, but it doesn't work on him as his heart is ice-cold. After allowing Mr. Freeze to take the necklace, she lets him go and tells her assistant Bane they have work to do.

A Place To Grow

Poison Ivy looks around Gotham City for a place she can use as her personal hideout when she discovers a boarded-up Turkish bath already inhabited by a gang of fluorescent-painted thugs. She uses Bane to forcefully eject its tenants, then goes about remodeling the place, using her seedlings to grow all sorts of clinging vines and plants. She admires Mr. Freeze's sense of ruthlessness and plots to spring him out of Arkham Asylum in order to use him.

Who's Ivy?

Bruce Wayne has Julie Madison over for a dinner date, where she hopes he will pop the question of whether he will marry her or not. As the two of them get close enough to kiss, Bruce sees Poison Ivy standing inside the dining room, taking his mind off Julie, who then gets puzzled when Bruce calls her Ivy. "Who's Ivy?" she asks. Bruce simply answers that he wishes he knew.

Escape From Arkham

Mr. Freeze gets an unexpected visit from "his sister" when Poison Ivy shows up with Bane carrying the villain's sub-zero cooling suit with him in order to break out. Unfortunately, Mr. Freeze's brick-lined cell walls have reinforced steel, making it impossible for Bane to break through. Mr. Freeze uses some coolant from his suit to cause the pipes leading around the cell walls to freeze up, breaking a big enough hole in the wall for the three villains to escape.

A Place To Chill Out

Returning secretly to Mr. Freeze's own hideout, Poison Ivy offers to help rescue his wife Nora while he takes care of the police snooping around. As he turns on the super-cooling system in order to freeze out the police, Poison goes into the cryogenic chamber were Nora Fries is resting and unplugs her life support, saying someone like Mr. Freeze doesn't need a frigid wife anyway. She sees the snowflake pendant Mr. Freeze gave his wife and takes it from around her neck.

The Scent Of A Woman

As the Dynamic Duo explore the hideout and examine the cryogenic chamber (prior to Poison Ivy's unplugging it), they find themselves inhaling the pheromone dust again, which means that Poison Ivy must be around. They go down to the basement, where instead of the beauty, they find the beast, which is Bane. He alternately fights with one of the heroes while Poison Ivy focuses on the other, primarily Robin whom is more easily swayed by her charms. After Bruce takes down Bane, he tries to get Robin to come to his senses about what Poison Ivy is doing to the both of them, but Robin refuses to listen, believing that Batman is jealous and just wants Ivy for himself. Poison Ivy uses this fighting among themselves as a distraction for her and Bane to leave. After being pushed into a vat of green sticky stuff by Batman who then soon after pulled him out, Robin says from now on he's going solo.

Cold Rage

Upon Poison Ivy's return to her own hideout, seeing that Mr. Freeze has now made himself at home there, he asks her where his wife is. She tells him that Batman killed her, and provides "proof" by giving him the snowflake pendant that was around Nora's neck. His anger seethes to the point where he decides to permanently freeze Gotham City — and eventually the whole world — forever in ice. Poison Ivy says once the whole world is frozen, they can start humanity all over and let plants, her mutant cross-bred plants, overrun the entire planet.

Stealing The Spotlight

At the dedication ceremony at the Observatory, where Bruce shows up with his girlfriend Julie, Poison Ivy also appears, disguised as Pamela Isley. She gives him a tantalizing whiff of her pheromone dust to distract him for just a little bit before Julie pulls Bruce's attention back to her and the telescope. She goes over to Commissioner Gordon and has him give over the keys to police headquarters to her so she can steal the Bat signal and convert it into a red Robin signal in order to lure Batman's partner to her.

Garden Of Evil

Robin shows up at Poison Ivy's hideout, where she lures him to her private plant-like throne to kiss her. Robin won't make a move on her until she tells him what Mr. Freeze is up to. Ivy tells him that Mr. Freeze is going to turn the Gotham City Observatory's telescope into a giant freeze gun to freeze all of Gotham City. Robin realizes he has to stop Mr. Freeze, but Ivy gets him to kiss her before he takes off, assuming that he will die. Unfortunately, the kiss has no effect, as Robin wore a protective sheath on his lips. Then Batman shows up, ready to take Poison Ivy in. But she surprises the two crimefighters as she has them tangled up in living vines while she tries to make her escape.

Who's That Batgirl?

Her escape is cut off by a blond-haired girl wearing a Batsuit, telling Ivy that she's going to be compost. The two women engage in hand-to-hand combat, with Poison Ivy telling Batgirl that she "pulled the plug on Lady Freeze", but despite her best efforts, Batgirl prevails and Poison Ivy ends up captured by her own plant creations while Batman and Robin cut their way through the vines. They head to the Observatory with Batgirl and stop Mr. Freeze's giant freeze weapon while using the global satellites to beam enough sunlight to thaw out the city.

Bitter Harvest

Poison Ivy finds herself in a cell in Arkham Asylum, pining for Mr. Freeze as she plucks away petals from a flower, saying "he loves me...he loves me not...he loves me...", only for a cold hard voice to answer, "not!!!" She sees that Mr. Freeze is now her cellmate, and that he knows that she is the one who tried to kill his wife. She shudders in fear as he promises that he is going to make her life a living hell, stating that "winter has come".


  • Fatal Touch: Secretes deadly poison through her lips that can kill whoever she kisses.
    • Toxic Immunity: She is immune to all types of poisons and toxins.
    • Chlorokinesis: She can control and manipulate plants.
    • Pheromone Secretion: She can secrets mind controlling pheromones


  • This version of Poison Ivy was portrayed by Uma Thurman.



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