Pamela Isley is insane, dangerously so. Due to this, she cannot be dealt with by appealing solely to her mind. This is the mistake of so many modern psychological treatments. We are far more complex than any one system of thought can claim to understand.

She became a criminal because of love, or what many mistake for it. Isley came from a rich family and had what would be considered a normal upbringing. In college, she majored in botany and fell in love with her professor. Her teacher fooled her with promises of love and marriage, and tricked her into stealing from a local museum's new Egyptian exhibit.

What she stole was an urn containing ancient poisonous herbs. But the herbs, intended to poison and kill Isley, instead mixed with her unique physiology, changing her, transforming her, making her immune to all poisons. Her sex appeal is now a weapon that she uses against all men, usually through the use of poisonous lipstick.

Her immunity to poison and her wild femininity are not her only weapons. In fact, these abilities are nothing compared to her intelligence and knowledge of plant life. She commands and is capable of manipulating the very life form necessary for every creature on Earth to breathe. That alone makes her one of the most dangerous beings alive. [1]