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Around 1978, Pamela had an affair with Lionel Luthor, which resulted in a daughter that Lionel gave up for adoption. Sometime after 1980, Pamela was Lex Luthors nanny, but left him after his mother's death.

Lex initially spurned Pamela, until Lionel told him that he was afraid that Pamela would ask Lex for money as she was dying of cancer. Lex later visited Pamela at the hospital, bringing her a book she had admired earlier when visiting the mansion. Pamela explained that she is ashamed that it took her so long to come to see him. She was angry that she let Lionel scare her away. She expressed regret that she couldn't help him grow up and told him how proud she is of the man he has become.

Pamela died later with Lex by her side, as he accepted her apology.

  • Pamela Jenkins was played by Donna Bullock.
  • Pamela appeard in Season one of Smallville. Her daughter Tess first appeard in season eight and discoverd in season ten that she's the daughter of Pamela.


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