Patricia was born in 1980. She was childhood friends with Lex Luthor, Jason Teague and Oliver Queen. She and Lex had a previous relationship, and both enjoyed swimming together.

Years later, after her father died, Patricia learned about the Veritas Society and the "Traveler" that was to come to Earth. She also found a link in the deaths of her father as well as Robert and Laura Queen, and suspected Lionel Luthor as the one responsible. Patricia confronted Lionel with proof of the murders, and asked Lex for help, but even he was clueless about Veritas, even after seeing a drawing of the Veritas symbol. Lionel agreed to a deal with Patricia, so she went to see him in a warehouse where Clark Kent was being held. Patricia wanted Clark to be set free before giving Lionel the evidence, but she was knocked unconscious by Pierce.

After Clark was rescued by Kara, Patricia and Clark talked things over at the Kent Farm over a cup of coffee. She gave him her father's journal that was filled with Kryptonian symbols. Patricia also decided to move to Metropolis in order to be closer to Clark, wanting to be there for him, like her father before her. Unfortunately, while driving back to Metropolis, Patricia was shot and assassinated by her driver. Her death appeared to have been ordered by Lex, as afterwards he examined what we are to believe is her bloody necklace because it was a cameo of a swan.

Approximately a week later, Patricia's body was found in a lake with a bullet to the head. Soon after, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen found incriminating documents left by Lionel further indicating Lex's involvement in Patricia's death.

  • Patricia Swann was portrayed by Gina Holden.
  • She was one of the secret keeper who knows about Clark Kents true past.
  • Patricia was 26 years old.