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Paul Sloane is the third villain known as Two-Face, active during the Golden Age. This makes him an enemy to Batman in Gotham City. His predecessors include the original Two-Face,
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Originally hired to portray the original Two-Face (Harvey Kent) in a TV drama, Paul Sloane suffered an accident that destroyed his half of his face in a manner like Two-Face I: a prop man working on the set was jealous of the fact that his wife had a crush on Sloane, and substituted acid for the water that was to have been used for the trial scene – causing history to tragically repeat itself. For a period of time, Sloane thought himself to actually be Kent, but he later regained enough of himself to later choose to be the successor Two-Face. Finding crime far more successful and more profitable than his former career, Sloane continued on as the third Two-Face (A man named Wilkins had briefly been the second Two-Face).

After being cured of his own temporary insanity some years later, Kent would plead with and fail to redeem the Sloane, who found his true calling as the criminal entity over his original failed identity. Kent would successfully prosecute the third Two-Face on several occasions after the third Two-Face would be arrested by Batman in his excessive criminal acts.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Sloane had no known superhuman abilities


Sloane had no superhuman abilities but was effective in planning out and executing elaborate schemes and tactics involving many criminal organizations

Strength level

Paul Sloane possessed the normal human strength of an average 6-foot, 180-pound man who engaged in regular physical exercise during his prime. His strength levels deceases as he got older.


Sloane has all the normal weaknesses of a human male



Sloane employed a scarred coin to help him make planning decisions though unlike Kent really would make a decision flip in the execution of a plan which would be successfully used against Kent


No exotic devices


regular handguns and machine guns as an active criminal


  • While Kent was only Two-Face I of Earth-Two for a short period of time, Sloane remained as Two-Face III for most of his adult life.


  • Unlike Kent, only Sloane's face was damaged. Sloane's hair was not distorted in color and remained completely black on both sides.


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