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Paul Westfield is an executive director of Project Cadmus. He is ruthlessly unethical and constantly abuses his position of power with little regard for human life. It was originally believed that
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Amanda Spence (daughter)
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Director of Project Cadmus

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Grey Temples
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Paul Westfield was the director of Project Cadmus and was intimately involved in the development of their cloning program. For a time, it was believed that some of his genetic samples were used in the creation of the Superboy clone, but this was later proven inaccurate. Westfield took umbrage with some of the bio-engineered experiments created by the mad scientist Dabney Donovan.

During the "Fall of Metropolis" storyline, he launched a missile into the heart of downtown Metropolis intent on wiping out the fringe elements of these Underworlders. Donovan learned of this and so, disguised as a janitor, sneaked into Westfield's office and killed him with a dose of poison gas. Afterwards, he cut off Westfield's right ear and kept it as a souvenir.


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