Quote1 Girl skin too strong so. Enter through eye and. Perrilus poison fill soul. Quote2
-- Perrilus src

Perrilus was a Worldkiller, a genetically-altered biological weapon created in a Kryptonian space lab. After the Worldkillers survived the demise of Krypton and formed a team dedicated to destroy and conquer worlds, Perrilus was in charge of annihilating whole races using her powers of poison generation and virus dissemination.[1]

One day her leader Reign led them to Earth, where they met and fought Supergirl.[2] Although the Worldkillers nearly killed the young hero, Kara ended the brutal battle when she grabbed Perrilus' venomous tentacles and stabbed another Worldkiller with them. Unwilling to lose a soldier, Reign called her squad off and the group retreated.




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