Perry White was the editor for the Daily Planet. He met Clark Kent when he started working for the paper in his early 30s. When Superman started making news with his first appearance in Metropolis, Perry had his reporters seek out whatever information they can get from the Man of Steel in order to publish it. Lois Lane, who had a private encounter with Superman at her apartment, wrote the interview she had with him which made front-page news. During the brief takeover of the Daily Planet by Warfield Publications tabloid mogul David Warfield, Perry was replaced as the paper's editor by David's daughter Lacy. By securing a loan from the banks, Perry managed to buy back the stocks to the Daily Planet, releasing the paper from Warfield's grip and restoring editorial control back to Perry.

  • Perry White was played by Jackie Cooper in the Donnerverse Superman movies from Superman: The Movie to Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.



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