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Perry grew up with a love for journalism and got his dream job of becoming a reporter for the Daily Planet. He got a reputation as being a star reporter and began working on a story about Lionel Luthor's corruption and tried to get information from Lex Luthor while he was at school. Lionel then managed to get Perry fired and disgraced as a reporter and since then, he descended into alcoholism, drinking excessively and worked for the Metropolis Inquisitor and then for a television program called "X-Styles".

Years later Clark Kent met Perry in Smallville who saved him from some fallen electrical lines. Clark used his powers to rescue him and raised Perry's suspicions. Perry was in Smallville to check out strange phenomena related to the meteor shower. When at The Torch, Perry is introduced to Chloe Sullivan who reveals to Clark just who Perry White is. After pestering Lana Lang for an interview, Lex ran him out of town. When his interest shifted from the meteor shower to Clark Kent, he offered to trade Lex the evidence he had on Lionel in return for whatever Lex has on Clark. Lex refused. Perry then orchestrated a plot to expose Clark by jumping into Saunders Gorge, but recent solar flare activity had disrupted Clark's powers, rendering him temporarily powerless, and Perry and Clark ended up dangling perilously from the viewpoint. Lana and Pete managed to haul them up just before Clark's strength wore out. Inspired by Clark's selfless, heroic example, Perry vowed to turn over a new leaf and returned to Metropolis to find his friends at the Daily Planet and rebuild his career. He also began the journey of going sober, while encouraging Clark to stick with his interest in journalism and promised to help him out if he ever came to Metropolis.

Later, it is revealed that Perry has gotten a job at the Daily Planet and wrote an article about Lionel's conviction.

Again a few years later Perry began dating Martha Kent and was soon following up on a story about the Red Queen (who is in truth Martha herself) and about aliens invading earth and a mysterious object called the Book of Rao, all somehow connected. He and Martha returned to Smallville. When Perry and Martha get to the Kent Farm, he revealed to Lois Lane that his story involved Checkmate's castle burning down and the Red Queen. Then, Lois showed the drawing of the Book of Rao, and they realized that both their stories were the same and they team-up. Later, Clark and Perry had a talk in-which Perry told Clark that he was going to ask Martha to marry him. At dinner that night, Lois left and Perry soon followed, primarily so as to investigate the Red Queen case. When Lois and Perry got to the Talon, they found that it had been broken into. Lois got her Checkmate cellphone and called a Checkmate operative. The operative told them that it was just a fast-food place and hung up. A few minutes later, the man called back and gave Perry the address to meet the Red Queen. When Perry and Lois were waiting, they saw the Red Queen on a rooftop. When Lois got up, Perry struggled to get on the roof and hit a sign on the building and it fell toward crowds of people. Lois pulled Perry up as Clark (as The Blur) saved the people. When Perry finally got up, it was too late, the Red Queen was gone. After writing their story Perry finally repaid his debt to Clark and got Lois and Clark's jobs back. He revealed that he was going to Africa so as to follow a false lead regarding the Red Queen and asked Lois to come along to which she declined.

Lois decides to take up Perry's offer to join the foreign desk in Africa, believing herself to be an obstacle to Clark from fulfilling his destiny. Lois arrives in Egypt leaving a voicemail on Perry's cell requesting information on her assignment. Meanwhile back in Metropolis Clark reads the latest edition of the Daily Planet that features an article about Lois and Perry's exploits in Africa. While working in Egypt, Lois is assigned to an archeology dig, where she was to interview Carter Hall. While there she calls Perry, moaning about her assignment being less than ideal.

Later when Brainiac 5 takes Clark to different moments in time, one moment is 2017, where Clark runs into a future version of Lois. After Lois (unaware that this Clark is from the past) berates him for not wearing his Clark Kent glasses to hide his super-hero identity, she then calls Perry on her cellphone and began arguing with him about her assignment.

When Lois tries to get rally support from the citizens of Metropolis to stand up and vote to repeal the Vigilante Registration Act, Martha mentions that when Perry White had a similar problem when he first started out as a reporter during one of America's darkest time he found a solution. Lois heads to the archive room in the Daily Planet and searches through his files until she finds the inspiration she needed and with the help of Chloe. They used the internet as a way for supporters to leave encouraging messages to the Blur.

By the year of 2018, Perry White is the Editor and Chief of the Daily Planet, is heard auguring on the phone loudly to a representative of Lexcorp about Lex Luthor trying to strong arm the Daily Planet to print or kill stories of his choosing. Outside his office Lois and Jimmy Olsen hear him and decide not to interrupting.

Clark Kent's Dream

In Clark's dream about the year 2013, Perry White was the Editor of the Daily Planet and assigned Lois Lane to a story on a scandal at the Pentagon.





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