As a part of a future terrorist group, the Human Supremacist Movement, the Persuader stole a Legion ring and transported himself from the 31st century to the 21st with the intention of both ensuring Brainiac's survival and killing Kal-El so he could not inspire other aliens to come to Earth in the future. He arrived in the Kent Barn and used his Atomic Axe to smash through a chest containing the Phantom Zone crystal that would have been used to defeat Brainiac, destroying it in the process. Clark arrived immediately afterward and demanded to know his identity. Upon seeing Clark, the Persuader used his axe again and drove it into Clark's abdomen, seriously wounding him, and then kicked Clark to the floor and pinned him. Just as he was about to strike again, The Legion arrived from the future to stop him; Rokk Krinn used his magnetism powers to steal his Atomic Axe, Imra Ardeen used her telepathy to make him stop fighting, and then Garth Ranzz finished him off with an electric attack. Rokk then removed the Legion ring from the Persuader's finger, causing him to automatically transport back to the 31st century.



  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Smallville and is an adaptation of [[|]]. The original character was created by Jim Shooter, Curt Swan, and George Klein and first appeared in Adventure Comics #352.
  • The Persuader was portrayed by Fraser Aitcheson.
  • Considering he is a human supremacist, it is unknown why he would help Brainiac destroy Earth.



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