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Phantom Stranger Vol 4 4


Phantom Stranger Vol 4 4

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"Abduction": Phillip Stark is not enthused by the prospect of clothing shopping with his wife Elena, who has decided that it is a necessary venture given how pathetic his style is. She promises, besides, to reward him later, if

Quote1 In the name of the one I served and then betrayed-- I cast you out! And you should thank me for it. Quote2
-- Phantom Stranger

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Synopsis for "Abduction"

Phillip Stark is not enthused by the prospect of clothing shopping with his wife Elena, who has decided that it is a necessary venture given how pathetic his style is. She promises, besides, to reward him later, if he goes through with it. Before entering the change-room, he catches the stare of a small dog, and becomes worried. In the change-room, his worries are fulfilled when he feels a shift in both the perceptual and energetic plane. It is an abduction, and it is not appreciated.

He is summoned away to the House of Mystery by John Constantine and the Justice League Dark. Constantine shows no remorse for yanking the Phantom Stranger away from his other life, pointing out that the idea that he is a human with a family is merely a façade. In fact, John has called him there not because he has reconsidered joining the him in the upcoming War of Three, but because he wants the Phantom Stranger to join his group.

Dismissively, the Stranger intends to leave before John embarrasses himself further, but Constantine is not done with him yet. Frankenstein lays a hand on the Stranger's shoulder, attempting to prevent him from leaving, but angrily, he uses magic to rip the patchwork man's hand from his arm. Deadman tries to possess the Stranger, but the man's purity and divine guidance cannot be corrupted by the ghost's efforts.

Seeing that his companions will be of no help, John sends them outside so that he and the Stranger can talk privately. In Frustration, John warns that his guest is making too many enemies, including the Spectre himself. He warns that his team doesn't want to be the ones who have to clean up the mess while the Stranger keeps "turning up the heat on the cosmic soup," so to speak. As such, they would prefer that he join them.

Regardless of the Stranger's answer, John has some incentive to make the Stranger join: the missing silver coin from the chain around his neck. Without it, he can never obtain redemption. Angrily, the Stranger lunges for the coin, but John uses his magic to send his guest back to his own reality before he can get his hands on it.

Though he expects to have returned at the moment he was taken, twenty minutes have passed, and Phillip's wife has gone. She is not merely gone from the store, but from the mall itself - unlike her. Teleporting straight home, he immediately senses a strangely familiar air. Looking around, he soon finds the body of Chris, his children's baby-sitter, hanging above the fireplace.

He searches through the ether for his family's presence, but cannot find them, swearing to seek them out wherever they may have gone - even if they have gone over to death. He is hardly surprised when Pandora appears, claiming not to be responsible. She suggests, though, that he might cast his suspicion on the Spectre.



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