Piñata is a member of the Posse, a gang of magic metahumans protecting metahumans from the law and the underworld. She originally tried to enter the Posse with the name "Cinetico" but as her powers involved exploding with bright colours, the name Piñata stuck instead.

She had a thing going with Paco until his friend Jaime Reyes, aka the Blue Beetle, returned a year after he messed with the Posse. Because of this Paco spent less time with the Posse and more with his older friends. The gang had a war council and voted to give the Blue Beetle a chance to explain his behaviour. The meeting was ended short as Damper's child Alina was abducted by the Bottom Feeder.

Blue Beetle managed to save her by discovering he could track DNA signatures. After that, a small group of the Posse used this new power to locate and rescue Probe at Warehouse 13. The Posse expected it to be a prison and were not prepared to discover a community of metahumans hiding from the normal world, protected and contained by La Dama's henchmen. A small skirmish between the Posse and La Dama's forces resulted in a temporary power-swap between Piñata and Thumper. The fight stopped only after the Phantom Stranger was able to discover the warehouse. La Dama said everyone was free to leave the Warehouse as they pleased but the residents felt save and secure at the warehouse, far away from the prying eyes of the normal people. This included Probe herself. Damper reassured them there was someone who could protect them, the Blue Beetle. The Posse and less than half of the residents of Warehouse 13 decided to leave.


  • Self-Detonation: Piñata's body can explode with bright colours the size of a small hand grenade. By her own claim, her bits and pieces can really sting your eyes.